Another geographical blog service

Blogdigger can show recent posts by zipcode with mine highlighted with the link. The first post is one by Mike – way to go! Mine is nowhere to be seen though (yet). It has some new feeds that I’ve not come across, including one for OCLC and also has a feature to ignore a particular blogger if you don’t want their results. Maybe I should start another category for this.. Now posted to a category called geoblogging.
Thanks to Research Buzz for the information on this one (a worthy subscribe if you are interested in the latest goings on in the search engine world (and not just google)

Reasons to be Comment spam 3 2 1 zero

Google announced yesterday that they will not consider links in a webpage if surrounded by a nofollow tag. The upshot of this is that comments can be surrounded by the nofollow tag and google will not consider these links in pageranking. When I first read this it sounded a great solution to the commentspam problem. If everyone follows this solution, then there will be little point in doing the spam and hopefully it will stop – but therein lies the problem – everyone needs to follow it. Scoble reports that already MSN and yahoo have announced they will also use this tag. Also interesting that they’ve done this in a couple of days/hours as opposed to having to use a committee to do it.
It will be something that I’ll be looking at putting in my MT implementation soon (details from their news page on how to do this) – when I get some time!