Month: January 2005

Linksys pt 2.

Well I’m still waiting for feedback from Linksys on the original router and have not heard anything back since their “have you tried resetting and logging in?” question. However I’ve been given a swap from the customer (it is a good job he works for an electronics company) and this one seems to work fairly well. The firmware is at a higher level than the original box but not the most recent level but I’m not going to risk the upgrade of firmware again as this has already cost quite a bit of time to troubleshoot and fix. Performance doesn’t seem bad and this unit works much better with the linksys card than the other one did – xp recognised it immediately and connected with no problems and most importantly, no having to run up and down the stairs again.

More remote control software

I’ve come across yet more (free) remote control software – this time mywebexpc which has similar functions to the logmein. If you want the pro version then you also get added features with a unique (as far as I know and their blurb tells me) feature where before your pc can be remote controlled, the server dials you on your phone and you enter a pin number into the handset before control is allowed. A neat authentication service but could be annoying in a DOS attack in the middle of the night!
I must admit that I’ve not tried this software yet as I don’t want to open up too many holes to my main pc at home but logmein seems to work ok, even from a dialup phone line and was handy when I needed to control the home pc from a non work pc yesterday (vnc is locked down to only allow connections from certain ip address’s)
Update You even get the pro version for free until the 4th April 2005 after which it is $7.45 per month per pc

We* all live in a yellow kitchen**

I got home from work last night and volunteered to help paint our kitchen ready for part of it to be tiled this morning. It now looks really good but does need at least one more coat of paint. My arm and fingers ache from pushing on the roller though. Hopefully all the paint and tiling and tidying up will be done before a viewer comes round on Saturday.

*(well Kristen and Andy do) **This post to be sung to the tune of We all live in a yellow submarine with apologies to the beatles.

Conversation with a manager

“I can’t connect to the server – no login servers available on the network”
Laughing I said “That’ll be the dodgy software you installed on your laptop”
“No – I’ve not installed anything……but whilst in america I had to do that ipconfee thingy”

And I wonder why he has limited network connectivity……

linksys support :-(

apparently all I have to do to fix my linksys problem is open a webpage to and log in as……
I think they didnt read the bit which says that the router returns a connection refused when you try to connect to it with a browser,ftp,smtp,pop3……
However I do have access to another linksys router which i’ll try to install later in the week but I’ve not seen any good reviews on this product at all – stay away from the Linksys WAG54G