Welcome to Absoblogginlutely! – The more technical posts from an English IT Professional living near Columbus, OH, USA.

Absoblogginlutely! is written by myself, Andy Helsby. Born in England in 1972 I moved to the United States in 2005 where I have continued to provide IT support for companies in the Columbus, Ohio area.

My first website was created in 1996 (or earlier) and hosted at Geocities but is not currently maintained. The first blog post was written in March 2001 and hosted with Blogger. It eventually became Helsby.net in 2002. After a year of writing the blog, I decided it needed a name for branding purposes and came up with Absoblogginlutely.net in 2003 and has been found at this location ever since.

Absoblogginlutely has posts that have come up during my work as a Systems Engineer, from other peoples blogs and discussions and various issues that I have solved.

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