Month: February 2005

11 reasons to run antivirus and a firewall…..


Interestingly Norton had already detected and deleted a couple of these files but didn’t detect any of the others. I had to boot from a Windows UltimateBootCD, download new dats for avpersonal and then run a scan. The Avpersonal only took 30 minutes to run, the Trendmicro one has been going for about an hour and is still going. Its a good job I don’t charge by the hour.

Phew – the machine boots!

Had a bit of a scare this morning when the home machine refused to boot. Basically the computer froze after displaying the Bios version and CPU speed and refused to go any further. After taking everything out this evening it booted up so I then tried to remember what I had changed, and then remembered the (non powered) USB2 hub I got last week. Unplugged it and the machine booted up ok. Plugged it back in again, with nothing attached to the hub and the same thing happened. Therefore the hub is now sitting on my desk. Not sure whether I can be bothered going through the hassle of getting it replaced…the weird thing is that the hub works when the machine is booted up. Having said all that I’m wondering if the PSU is being maxed out as the machine also refuses to boot if I have a usb thumbdrive plugged into it when I boot up.

wpblacklist permission problem

Tried to install the wpblacklist plugin this afternoon but have run into several problems, probably due to the security setup on the server. It initially wouldn’t install as WPblacklist-install.php didn’t have permissions set to 644. After the installation ran through, I had to change the permissions in wp-admin to wpblacklist, wpblmoderate and wpblsearch.php files to 644 then it all seemed to work.

Truprint photo’s

I’ve been meaning to try out some digital photo printing services, especially after Kristen got the scrapbooking bug and wants to print lots of photos out. Yesterday morning I placed an order for 10 prints from truprint and they arrived in the post this morning. That is what I call fast turnaround. I don’t know if its because the order was flagged as a first order (and therefore fast-tracked) or whether this is normal service.
The interesting thing is that they offer a service where the photo’s aren’t actually 6×4″ due to the prevention of cropping of the photos as apparently digital photos don’t fit in with this aspect ratio.
The quality of the photos that came out is very good and I’d use them again. If you fancy using the service then drop me an email using my contact mail as that way I get some photos free as a referral or you can just sign up without referral here. Wish they’d have a straightforward referral link though!

Yahoo admits a problem.

After about 3 emails back and forwards with yahoo, they have finally admitted there is a problem with their verification process and their engineers are going to look at it. I’m not holding my breath, but in the meantime I’m going to create a new email address to sign up for the distribution list – and one that doesn’t contain a plus sign in it.

Remote console on W2k3 server

A long time ago, when I had my first exposure to (beta) Windows2003 at a Microsoft roadshow, I saw that the remote desktop actually pulled the console across to the client as opposed to having a new desktop session. I thought this was a pain as it meant that a remote administrator could pinch the console away from the person actually using the console at the server which would be really annoying. However, in my experience on the final product this never happened and you always got a virtual console. This is great unless you want to see the output of any scheduled jobs that are interacting with the desktop. I’ve now found that it is possible to get the console itself by using the -console option as documented in kb278845.
Use mstsc -v:servername -console to “pinch” the console session (the currently logged in user would get logged off) or start a standard terminal session and then in a dos command prompt type in shadow 0. The only downside of this is that you need the logged in user to allow the remote control.