My first greasemonkey script

I created my first greasemonkey script that will add a link to flickr in a geocaching web page for pictures tagged with the geocache name. For example GCMAG6. The experience of coding was a bit of a headache as I didn’t know what greasemonkey was expecting and I don’t know much about javascript (it’s VERY case sensitive!). The tutorial/book at Dive Into Greasemonkey was very helpful for the former problem and using the javascript console solved the latter problem.

Feed changes

I’ve changed my RSS feed this morning due to a couple of new features that Feedburner have released. They spent thursday adding new features to Feedburner to celebrate to their last day in their old office (most people would have spent the day moving furniture!) One of the features is the ability to geotag an RSS feed so the absoblogginlutely feedburner feed now has the general location from my zipcode added. I’m not sure which rss readers will use this information but I’m sure it won’t be long before aggregators start to add this functionality in. I’ve also removed my flickr feed from automatically being included as I don’t always want my flickr photos included in this website feed so you may want to subscribe to my flickr photos here

Where’s stupid?

1) Go to,-77.001771&spn=0.16,0.16

2) Click on “local search”

3) Enter “stupidity” in the search field and click “Search!” [via Glimpse of a Grrl]

The funny thing is that if you switch the search to idiot you get a funny result too. I’d love to know how they are working this one out as the number 2 result for stupidity near us is Ohio State University!

Another geographical blog service

Blogdigger can show recent posts by zipcode with mine highlighted with the link. The first post is one by Mike – way to go! Mine is nowhere to be seen though (yet). It has some new feeds that I’ve not come across, including one for OCLC and also has a feature to ignore a particular blogger if you don’t want their results. Maybe I should start another category for this.. Now posted to a category called geoblogging.
Thanks to Research Buzz for the information on this one (a worthy subscribe if you are interested in the latest goings on in the search engine world (and not just google)