Friends In Tech Puzzler

I’ve posed a puzzler at Friends In Tech about an issue I had when upgrading a NT4 domain to Small Business Server 2003. It will be interesting to see if anyone comes up with the correct answer but also to get some responses from other techs and hopefully it will encourage conversations on the website and forums.

Friends in Tech and Firefox

I’ve been invited to join the Friends In Tech team as a blogger which was a nice offer and an honour to take up. I’ll still be posting over here but will have some content on their site too now.
My first post was about the firefox upgrade to 1.5.06 and an easy way to get extensions to work afterwards.
Mike McBride was also invited to post and his first post is about having an appreciation folder in your email client.

If you read either of our blogs you will probably be interested in some of the other Friends in Tech blogs and their podcasts.