Retaggr card.

Retaggr is a new service that provides links to all of your profile pages on the various social websites, provides twitter updates and affiliation links all in one card. Mine is included below and will eventually get added to the side bar of the website (or added to the AboutMe section)

This functionality is great for gathering all the buttons together and keeping people up to date on your latest tweets etc. It’s also great for stalking someone or for doing research on a job applicant!
I did notice that the goodreads link was broken – shot off an email to them and less than 10 minutes later it was fixed – very impressive. I’ve added a request to have links to the geocaching website added too.


Not having that much internet access and the time to blog, I’ve quickly gone through my feeds and pulled a couple of things out of them

  • A WUS Wiki which sounds like a bad day for Jonathan Ross, but is actually a wiki for the new Windows Update Services.
  • Links to video’s of the Tsunami. This hit whilst we were on holiday and I never got to see any moving pictures of the wave itself – saw plenty of horrific news photos of the devastation afterwards though.
  • I removed Norton AntiVirus off the home computer as the subscription had run out and I’m not impressed with the number of infections that have gotten past it this year. Instead I’ve tried the free home edition of Avast’s Antivir software which looks ok. It certainly picked up on eicar when I downloaded it – will be interesting to see how it copes with email borne virus’s

Quick round up.

Apparently the bagel virus is spreading fast with reports that it’ll probably spread even faster today when Americans get back to work.
There’s a Security vulnerability in outpost which is worrying as I’ve recommended it to several people.It’s an escalation of priveledge problem so shouldn’t really be an issue for home users – it could be in the corporate side of things, or if a virus managed to use it to escalate it’s own priveledges (not sure how though)
[email protected] also has the same problem – although this is likely to be installed on more corporate systems as a way of providing support to end users. No comment on whether it would effect other vnc clones….
MBSA 1.2 released – the application that analyzes your security configs. (thanks Chris)
Blogjet looks like an alternative to zempt or w.bloggar (looking suspiciously like the latter). Will download and try this one out too.