Does blogging get you good tech support?

In the past couple of weeks I have blogged my thoughts about two pieces of software – Awasu and Zempt. Within 24 hours I’ve had posts from either the writers or users of the software updating me or asking for further comments on the software. This has been due to them monitoring services such as technorati and all the other blog consolidation services. This is what you call customer service and has gave a very good impression of the product and also the ability to update any misunderstandings users of the products actually have. Maybe Microsoft should take note! On the other hand, my experience with Netgear is that I had to wait other two days for a response to my email asking for support and only when I rang them up did I get a (very satisfactory) response to my problem. Spot the difference! I guess it would probably be a lot harder for Netgear or Microsoft to monitor individual blogs and post feedback on them due to the numbers involved – after all a lot more people have Microsoft or Netgear products than Awasu for instance.

Answering back

I know my parents often told me not to answer back, but when someone asks a question in the comments, where is the best place to answer?
If I posted in a new post, and someone has a question on the answer, then that would entail another post etc etc.
If I posted in an email reply then noone else would see it and maywonder why I appear to be ignoring the question (and not everyone leaves an email address)
If I posted in the comment, this might be relevant, but not everyone reads comments when looking at a site – I only read the comments when it relates to a post that I found particularly interesting – so again visitors may not see the answer and the content in the comment is certainly not as visible.

So where do you think is the best place?
And in answer to the questions posted recently – Angela, No Basil needed NO persuasion to lick the ice lolly – he needs no persuasion to eat *any* human food!
Pieter/ JR – yes it will take forever – thats why I’m considering bringing it home (and keeping it off my network until I am sure its safe!)
Kat – keep an eye on cheesebikini for blog updates and other links that he posts. Search google or use its googlealerts options for “flash mob San Antonio”
Will -hey I’m a southerner!!