Reasons to be Comment spam 3 2 1 zero

Google announced yesterday that they will not consider links in a webpage if surrounded by a nofollow tag. The upshot of this is that comments can be surrounded by the nofollow tag and google will not consider these links in pageranking. When I first read this it sounded a great solution to the commentspam problem. If everyone follows this solution, then there will be little point in doing the spam and hopefully it will stop – but therein lies the problem – everyone needs to follow it. Scoble reports that already MSN and yahoo have announced they will also use this tag. Also interesting that they’ve done this in a couple of days/hours as opposed to having to use a committee to do it.
It will be something that I’ll be looking at putting in my MT implementation soon (details from their news page on how to do this) – when I get some time!


  1. Neil T.

    It doesn’t take much time – in MT 2.x you only need to upload 1 file. Even in MT3.x, it’s only 2 files (for dynamic templating). And that’s it – no configuration, no changing templates etc.

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