I’ve been hearing loads about the PDC conference that various MS bods have been too yet nowhere, until now, have I seen what PDC stands for. It has nothing to do with Primary Domain Controllers or blogging. It actually stood for “Professional Developers Conference”

Radio Arthur on blogging

I downloaded a radio show on blogging from Radio Arthur and burnt iit to cd and listened to it in the car on the way home from work last night. It was a fairly interesting radio show although the music breaks between segments of talking were a lot louder than the talkie bits so I was constantly having to fiddle with the volume control. The show started off with Rebecca Blood explaining what blogging is and progressed to two topics about why people blog. They seemed to draw the conclusion that the reason people blog is either they are teenagers and are blogging about their lack/gain of boy/girl friend and how much alchohol they drank last night, or the blogger has a political motive, sometimes with a decidely biased viewpoint. NONE of the blogs I read actually fit into either of those categories (although Neil sometimes mentions how much he drank last night 🙂
Most of the blogs are either similar to diaries or are techie blogs with people either talking about the techie stuff they’ve been doing on their computers (although i guess the latter could be divided into political blogs with the pro/con microsoft viewpoint) 😉

Aoccdrnig to rsereach wvee been tircked

Just goes to show you can’t believe everything on the internet as this guy claims to have modded the original research article I posted about to include some tracking information in the first three words so he could see how quickly it spread – very quickly is the answer! I think the success of the spread was mainly due to how spooky and correct it was, and unlike most research done nowadays wasn’t obvious to everyone on the high street.

Zipped Pages?

I know Neil zips his pages and so does Chris (as he asked if I could switch it on for (but I think he meant but on reading up about it, there are two scary reads that talk about 2KB of data going missing, which is certainly one way of compressing the data! There is also the Browser Compatibility issue where css files could not be downloaded and Netscape 3 doesn’t even see the file at all! (and i’ve had 38 hits from Netscape