Blogroll takeover – will anyone notice?

I’m sure you’ve all heard that blogrolling has been brought out by Tucows, the repository of freeware and shareware. I must admit that I don’t tend to use Tucows as I tend to go to the authors directly, but when they are swamped with downloads then Tucows is a handy place to head to. Anyway, with nearly everyone’s blogging software providing rdf feeds, including the free blogger, is there really any need for a service like blogrolling? Ok, it provides a list on your page of which sites you read – but an opml list can do that, and it also gives a nice star or other symbol by sites that have recently updated (according to but getting the news from the site direct will also give you that knowledge *including* the content…..So what else does blogrolling give us? I must admit that although I have the list on my page its not updated very often and I don’t use it now to keep up to date with sites that have changed, which I used to before I had a decent RSS reader. I know Iconoblog uses blogrolling, but I’m glad he’s not asked me to explain RSS usage yet 🙂

Host your own blogroll

I’m sure most of you know that blogrolling got hacked/corrupted over the weekend with every link on a blogroll pointing to Laura’s site. Unfortunately there were some sad people who attacked her personally, thinking she had done it. Anyway, looking on a lot of the blogging and comments about this issue, someone pointed out MySQLinks which looks like it does the same sort of thing as Blogrolling, but you host it on your own site using mysql and php includes (I guess). Looks like it will be something I need to take a look at in the near future….

New Blogger on the block?

tBLOG is a new site/service that provides you with hosting for a blog. It looks similar in style to blogger/blogspot but there are no adverts that I could see and they also provide RSS 1.0 feeds of the blogs. Looking at the front page I’m not sure how professional the service is as the comment “We know banners are a bother, but at tBLOG our traffic is your traffic, so deal with it.” doesn’t look very encouraging for helpful responses from technical support! From what I’ve seen doing a quick search of the blog there are a lot of female teenagers blogging on there – a completely different circle to the usual blogs that I read.