Month: June 2004

Test drive

We went and had a test drive of a Daewoo car this morning. The main reason for this was that we had heard an advert on the radio where the first 1000 people to take a test drive would get a free digital radio. Sounded a great offer so we sent off the sms text message to apply and had a test drive today. The car wasn’t bad although the boot (trunk) was pretty small and would certainly not be big enough for all the junk/work/caching gear we keep in the back of our car currently.
Although its extremely unlikely we’d actually get a new car the garage itself was a nice experience. There was no pressure to buy a car and they let us drive the car without a salesman in the back seat. The weird thing is that they didn’t ask for any id, proof of insurance or anything so we could have done anything to the car. Still they did seem to be organised and more customer orientated as opposed to the lousy peugeot garage that I currently have to go to where you take your car in for a service and then have to go back the following day as they haven’t turned off the “service needed” indicator.


KC Lemson post about eventlogs to rss sounded interesting as it would be nice to sit and my desk and watch the eventlogs roll in as emails – I’d stand a better chance of catching errors before the problem got too bad (Our exchange server ran out of memory on Friday and monitoring the event log would have stopped the weird errors we were getting as users). Anyway, she links to Greg Reinacker’s Weblog – Event Log Monitoring with RSS which looks great except you need installed and the ability to compile the program. Shame as I don’t have either of those two on our servers 🙁

Audible to mp3

Audible are having a sale (until tomorrow) where all their books are $9.99. Considering they are often $45 or more and they are often the same price in pounds over here, I thought I’d take a look. I wasn’t able to download the Da Vinci Code as they don’t have the rights to distribute it outside the US (silly ruling). However I did get Soul Music and Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett. I already have a couple of his audio books and they make great listening whilst driving around the country to customer sites. However, somehow I had to get the files into mp3 format….

Photos uploaded

Uploaded two new albums this afternoon, pictures of Neil and Suzie’s Wedding and the pictures taken at Morpeth the following day, with a few straggler photos taken on the way back home and includes the cute three little ducklings picture. Now if anyone has a clue why coppermine fails to link to the full size picture from the actual album itself then I’d be grateful for the answer!. Full size pics are now available after upgrading to Coppermine version 1.3.0

No skirts at school

The BBC reports that a suffolk school issues a skirt ban because the skirts were getting too short and too immodest. Now the girls all have to wear trousers. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before someone challenges this in court. Why they didn’t just say the skirts have to be at least X cm’s long or knee length or something…..When I was at school there were about 2 girls who wore trousers at school and they were always getting picked on or laughed at. Interesting how times change.
ironically enough, some time ago there was a girl launching legal action to wear trousers and also a boy fighting to wear a skirt


Well I finally took the plunge and signed up for a Gmail account. The funny thing is that I see blog entries everywhere saying that they’ve had one and they have invites to give away etc and yet when I signed up, the opening email thanks me for being “one of the first” to try the beta service. I can see some use for the service, especially with the Pop to Gmail converter to allow you to use gmail as a pop3 account.

Windows Update v5

After the tipoff from Adam that version 5 of windows update is available I thought I’d take a look.
I’m not impressed so far. Its taken a long time to download the various activex components and then if you make the mistake of clicking the menu’s apart from Install Updates, then the only way back is to use the back button – the install updates is greyed out.
The “hide this update” is a big improvement on the old version though as it was a nightmare remembering the patch number for the journal viewer option that wasn’t needed and choosing the option to not use it in the version 4 side of things.
Another plus is that it came up with the same number of patches that version 4 had.
The dialog box is a little different, and clearer to read too.

MSDE and enterprise manager.

Its taken me 2 hours to install MSDE and configure it correctly! I installed the server AFTER reading the readme first. I know this is unusual, but if you don’t read the readme the software won’t install as you have to include some parameters to setup.exe. I unfortunately made the mistake of just providing the SA password and enabling network access, but I didn’t allow windows AND sql authentication. As a result I couldn’t connect to the database from a remote machine. I got the “Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection”. In order to fix this I had to use the full version of SQL server (you can use the trial version download on the internet) and install the client tools – the enterprise manager is the crucial bit, and then I was able to right click on the server, choose security and set it to both. At that point I was then able to connect – 2 hours after I started. It would have been a lot longer if I had to have downloaded the demonstration version of SQL though.