Month: June 2004

Morpeth Gardens

Last weekend we were away at my cousin’s wedding. On the Sunday morning we took a walk through the garden at Morpeth (or Castle Morpeth to give its full name). The gardens were a fantastic display of colour and I took loads of photo’s. I was able to stitch about 8 of them together to make this panoramic shot of the gardens. Clicking on the thumbnail will load a popup which will take some time as the picture is 500K.
The rest of the wedding photo’s are in the process of being uploaded and titled and will be linked on here shortly.

Nokia sync with outlook 2003

Finally figured out a way to get my Nokia mobile synched with outlook 2003. As Outlook normally runs in cached mode, the nokia software keeps prompting me for a password when it synchs (and it doesn’t have a password). However, by setting a profile up on the machine to be online all the time and then telling nokia pc sync to use this profile, it doesn’t prompt me and everything synchs. I do still get the “this program is trying to use outlook – do you wish to allow it” prompt but this is bypassed using ClickYes

fof 1.3 released (again)

FeedOnFeeds 1.3 has been released. The best thing about this version is that it has a “mark all read that i’ve actually read” feature. In other words each item has a mark read above this item so that if you are really busy and have to go and do some work instead of reading your feeds, you can click to mark all the items above the current one, and then click mark as read. That way all the ones below the current item are still unread. Without this feature you ended up reading the same item a couple of times as you tried to catch up with your feeds.
I put again in the subject as I seem to have already downloaded 1.3 in the past.