Jackson trial verdict being announced.

It is interesting to see that the news site are only able to send audio streams of the results of the Michael Jackson trial that was due to be announced 10 minutes ago as cameras are not allowed in the courtroom. The BBC have an “audio only” stream but at the moment its actually streaming video reportage from reporters at the court room. The msn’s website is not sending anything at all and looks broken.
I’m not going to comment on the actual case itself as I’ve not been privy to the evidence submitted during the trial – I just think its crazy that the trial has gone on for so long and am amazed how much of a media circus this has turned into.
(and when interviewing someone on the news, you really want to pick someone who doesn’t answer your questions with “that’s right” as it leads to a rather boring interview.)

Tsunami relief

In case you didn’t know, you can donate to the Red Cross via amazon and its very easy if you already have an amazon account. Also for british tax payers by ticking the box you immediately boost your donation by 28% via tax relief. So far amazon have had 6081 donations totally just under $300,000 and its increased by 6 donations whilst i’ve written this.

No skirts at school

The BBC reports that a suffolk school issues a skirt ban because the skirts were getting too short and too immodest. Now the girls all have to wear trousers. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before someone challenges this in court. Why they didn’t just say the skirts have to be at least X cm’s long or knee length or something…..When I was at school there were about 2 girls who wore trousers at school and they were always getting picked on or laughed at. Interesting how times change.
ironically enough, some time ago there was a girl launching legal action to wear trousers and also a boy fighting to wear a skirt


A cool piece of programming, newsmap shows all the headlines as they appear around the world, with the most talked about stories appearing bigger on the screen and the most recent ones in a brighter colour than older news. I did find some of the links to pages were broken but it is a good way of getting new news sources and keeping up to date.

CCTV pictures released

Apparently the police are threatening to release CCTV footage of people in the area of where someone was murdered. Apparently people should be ashamed if they’ve not come forward as witnesses…I’m not a lawyer but this does seem to be an invasion of privacy and I’m guessing it breaks the Data Protection rules (although theres probably a police get-out clause) as they are publishing details on people NOT related to the crime but just happened to be in the area.