Test drive

We went and had a test drive of a Daewoo car this morning. The main reason for this was that we had heard an advert on the radio where the first 1000 people to take a test drive would get a free digital radio. Sounded a great offer so we sent off the sms text message to apply and had a test drive today. The car wasn’t bad although the boot (trunk) was pretty small and would certainly not be big enough for all the junk/work/caching gear we keep in the back of our car currently.
Although its extremely unlikely we’d actually get a new car the garage itself was a nice experience. There was no pressure to buy a car and they let us drive the car without a salesman in the back seat. The weird thing is that they didn’t ask for any id, proof of insurance or anything so we could have done anything to the car. Still they did seem to be organised and more customer orientated as opposed to the lousy peugeot garage that I currently have to go to where you take your car in for a service and then have to go back the following day as they haven’t turned off the “service needed” indicator.


  1. kelly

    so how did the car drive? i get nervous when i hear the word ‘daewoo’. i had a daewoo tv once. nice big 35 inch flat screen. it died in about six months. just quit turning on. so, you can see why i might hesitate to take out a loan for a car with that name slapped on the bumper : )

    and as for test drives, are they usually a hassle over there? every one i’ve ever been on was usually pretty relaxing… i’ve never taken the famed GM or Audio 24 hour test drives, but when i bought both my jeep & my saturn before that, they handed over the keys and wished me luck. i think they DID ask for proof of insurance, but i had the jeep for about six hours and no one batted an eye. i’ve always wanted to test drive a hummer though… not that i’ll ever actually be able to afford one, but it would be fun to actually be SEEN in one!

  2. Darren


    I too had a test drive in the Daewoo to win a DAB radio, nice car! I was wondering, did you ever receive the rario? I haven’t and it’s 3 months since I took the testdrive! I know I won one because I emailed them and was told I had!



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