Month: June 2004

admin utils

There are some useful utilities at Nirsoft including ones that show hidden asterix’s in all sorts of applications (including in w2k/xp), port status’s and installation routines for applications included in zip files without an installation routine. Well worth a browse for the administrator techie. Some of them I’ve seen similar utilities, but these all come from one location.

Post arrives

The post arrived today with the UV filter that I purchased from 7dayshop on the 12th May. Not impressed with the service at all. Also the uv filter when fitted to the lens adapter means that you can’t actually use the lens cap as it won’t clip to the filter. I know you could argue that you don’t need a lens cap as the uv filter is protecting the lens, but whats protecting the uv filter from getting scratched? Not sure if this is Fuji’s design fault or the filter – I suspect the former. So that was £7 down the drain as I’d rather have a lens cap on the camera than a scratchable filter.

I also got my voting papers in the post today – we’re part of the country that is trialing paper voting. The system seems clear enough, BUT you have to get a witness to sign the paperwork to say that you are the person that you say you are – how that is preventing fraud I don’t know and what if you live on your own and don’t know your neighbours?