MSDE and enterprise manager.

Its taken me 2 hours to install MSDE and configure it correctly! I installed the server AFTER reading the readme first. I know this is unusual, but if you don’t read the readme the software won’t install as you have to include some parameters to setup.exe. I unfortunately made the mistake of just providing the SA password and enabling network access, but I didn’t allow windows AND sql authentication. As a result I couldn’t connect to the database from a remote machine. I got the “Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection”. In order to fix this I had to use the full version of SQL server (you can use the trial version download on the internet) and install the client tools – the enterprise manager is the crucial bit, and then I was able to right click on the server, choose security and set it to both. At that point I was then able to connect – 2 hours after I started. It would have been a lot longer if I had to have downloaded the demonstration version of SQL though.