Month: September 2003

Blues Brothers

We had a very enjoyable night out at the the Blues Brothers tribute at the Regent Theatre in Hanley last night. There was a fair amount of swearing/rude gestures which I was suprised about – it would probably have been a 15 if it was a film, but there were lots of kids in the audience, most of them dressed up in the Blues Brothers gear as were quite a few of the adults. It was a bit weird at the end of the show standing in the loo being surrounded by lots of Jakes and Elwood’s. We had box seats which gave us a good view – I wish we were allowed to take cameras in, although we ended up with an aching back as you had to lean forward to avoid having the edge of the box blocking some of the view. I have never seen a live Blues Brother show before, I’ve only just recently seen the video, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t done as a story really, more like a BB karaoke but with extremely talented musicians and singers.

Radio Arthur on blogging

I downloaded a radio show on blogging from Radio Arthur and burnt iit to cd and listened to it in the car on the way home from work last night. It was a fairly interesting radio show although the music breaks between segments of talking were a lot louder than the talkie bits so I was constantly having to fiddle with the volume control. The show started off with Rebecca Blood explaining what blogging is and progressed to two topics about why people blog. They seemed to draw the conclusion that the reason people blog is either they are teenagers and are blogging about their lack/gain of boy/girl friend and how much alchohol they drank last night, or the blogger has a political motive, sometimes with a decidely biased viewpoint. NONE of the blogs I read actually fit into either of those categories (although Neil sometimes mentions how much he drank last night 🙂
Most of the blogs are either similar to diaries or are techie blogs with people either talking about the techie stuff they’ve been doing on their computers (although i guess the latter could be divided into political blogs with the pro/con microsoft viewpoint) 😉

Email to RSS

Chris mentioned MailBucket which is an email to RSS converter which converts email sent to a address and converts it to a rss feed at This looks really good and I’ve added a mailing list that I’m on to this to see how usable this format is. I’m not sure how replying to an xml feed will work though – will have to wait and see.

Scripting Telnet Sessions

I was needing a utility for scripting telnet that would enable me to login into my router, run some commands and then exit. This utility does the job very well and I now have a batch routine that logs into the router every 30 minutes, gets some stats and then takes various actions depending on those stats. WorldsEnd has a lot more internet utilities too. Incidentally the Telnet Scripting Tool was written by Albert Yale but his homepage no longer exists as he was using a dynamic dns service that was shut down a few years ago.