Scripting Telnet Sessions

I was needing a utility for scripting telnet that would enable me to login into my router, run some commands and then exit. This utility does the job very well and I now have a batch routine that logs into the router every 30 minutes, gets some stats and then takes various actions depending on those stats. WorldsEnd has a lot more internet utilities too. Incidentally the Telnet Scripting Tool was written by Albert Yale but his homepage no longer exists as he was using a dynamic dns service that was shut down a few years ago.


  1. Neil T.

    Albert Yale also wrote the Bounce Spam Mail utility that I used to use to bounce spam in the hope that spammers would think my email address no longer existed. As it was, it ended up being too much effort for little benefit.

  2. Balaji.S

    the telnet scripting tool was good with my functionality being served but had a minor drawback where the user has to respond to each command though the statement is automatically read by the exe from the text file.

    is there any specific command where i need no user interaction with the file being automatically executed

  3. me

    i’ve looked up the source of my scripts and if you include a /m on the
    end of the file it will not need an enter:-
    SEND “reboot\m”
    WAIT “#”
    SEND “\m”
    WAIT “#”
    SEND “quit\m”

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