Month: September 2003

Norton AntiVirus For Exchange version 3.

now this is the sort of message I’d expect to see – I’m very impressed with this AV for Exchange – content filtering could be good fun if you set the word “the” as objectional content 🙂
Location of the infected item: //Mailing Lists/uniVerse
Sender of the infected item: MS Corporation Internet Security Center
Subject of the message: Newest Net Security Pack
The attachment “PACK817.exe” was Quarantined for the following reasons:
The file was unrepairable. Virus Info:
Virus W32.Swen.A@mm was found.
This was done due to the following Symantec AVF settings:
Policy: Standard
SubPolicy: Error SubPolicy
Rule: Unrepairable Virus Rule

Possible new virus?

I think there might be a variant on the swen virus doing the rounds as since 8.19 this morning we are getting similar looking emails coming into the office but NAV is not able to scan them and instead of “Attachment something.exe was Deleted for the following Reasons: Virus W32.Swen.A@mm was found” we are now getting “No action was taken on the attachment. Attachment something.exe was Logged Only for the following reasons: Scan Engine Failure (0x80004005). The symantec query results look like its a problem with some compressed files but I’m shortly about to upgrade our email scanning software so we’ll see if we still get it then.

Boot to Windows.

Finally worked out how to get the laptop to default boot back to Windows instead of Mandrake. I had already configured /etc/lilo.conf but the changes needed to be written away to the boot sector. By su’ing and then running drakboot I was able to check the boot menu and when I clicked ok it saved the changes, a quick reboot later and I’m in XP and not Mandrake…..Now to try and fix the wireless lan.


I signed up yesterday for a trial version of LapLink Everywhere which apparently gives you the ability to retrieve files, emails and even remotely control your remote pc when elsewhere such as behind a corporate firewall. Sounds good but….
the service is not free (after the first 15 days), emails should really mean “outlook or outlook express”, and the remote control only gives you 1 hour a month – unlimited use is an extra $5 a month. Seems a bit much seeing as though vnc, which they actually use to provide you with remote control facilities is free. The only advantage to Laplink Everywhere is that it will work through firewalls and the traffic is encypted due to the use of SSL. I was impressed with how I could view the contents of my hard disk from work though! I think this is a similar service to gotomypc but they tend to spam their ad’s everywhere so I won’t use them out of principle. Guess I’ll have to rely on using vnc and dyndns to do this – sometime in the near future.