Blues Brothers

We had a very enjoyable night out at the the Blues Brothers tribute at the Regent Theatre in Hanley last night. There was a fair amount of swearing/rude gestures which I was suprised about – it would probably have been a 15 if it was a film, but there were lots of kids in the audience, most of them dressed up in the Blues Brothers gear as were quite a few of the adults. It was a bit weird at the end of the show standing in the loo being surrounded by lots of Jakes and Elwood’s. We had box seats which gave us a good view – I wish we were allowed to take cameras in, although we ended up with an aching back as you had to lean forward to avoid having the edge of the box blocking some of the view. I have never seen a live Blues Brother show before, I’ve only just recently seen the video, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t done as a story really, more like a BB karaoke but with extremely talented musicians and singers.