Dublin Irish Festival

We got tickets to go to the Dublin Irish Festival so went over this afternoon. Personally I didn’t think there was much there apart from a lot of Irish shops but I wasn’t interested in buying some Irish tat ;-), a lot of overpriced food and drink stands but the Funnel cake was delicious and the first time I’d had one. It was very hot so the soft iced lemon stand was doing very well and was nice and refreshing.
After wandering around the festival we headed back to the traditional stage and watched Gaelic Storm perform a set. They were very good with a lot of audience participation. I’ve uploaded my photos of Dublin Irish Festival to my zooomr profile (as it has more space than Flickr) and also set up a smartset in case other people also upload photo’s.
I also managed to take some video of one of their drum solo’s which I uploaded to YouTube.
Edit Updated the YouTube link as I uploaded the wrong video to start with!

I’m going to miss a good concert next week :-(

There’s a great sounding concert in Columbus next week when Audio Adrenaline, Superchik, Sanctus Real and Pillar are playing in one concert at Grove City, Columbus. Unfortunately we’re on a spending freeze at the moment (and we also have a marriage course that starts on the same night) so I’m going to miss it – shame they are not televising or streaming audio as that would be good. Oh well, I guess that means I can go to Petra’s farewell tour which would be the fourth time I’ve seen them (five if you include solo appearance by John Schlitt) with the other ones at London, Manchester and Leigh ( & Liverpool).

More Huey.

I’ve uploaded some more photos to the gallery of Huey Lewis performing at the Dublin last night. As mentioned at Family Guy’s blog it was a bit weird having a concert the way they do at Dublin. First off, the playing field of the stadium is converted into a seating area, and about 200 tables are sold for 10 seats at each table – this creates an “exclusive” zone where only the ticket holders can get to. The great thing about this is that the crush at the front of the stage was non existant and I was able to get some good close up photos from the front, standing in what would normally be the mosh pit, and yet I didn’t get jostled once. The rest of the fans are kept behind barriers on the bleachers, so the audience is basically split into two. This really cuts the atmosphere in half and it must have felt really weird playing to that sort of audience.
After the concert the fireworks were set off and they were pretty good. Not as extravagent as the Columbus Red White and Boom fireworks but still pretty good. I didn’t think they were as loud as fireworks in the uk and it was weird only seeing one set of fireworks going off – normally in the uk I’d see several sets of fireworks going off at various times during the evening. Everything was going great until some bozo decided to switch the floodlights on during the middle. Remember that everyone is sitting on the field or in the bleachers which meant that most people were blinded by the light and it was difficult to see the fireworks. The lights must have been on, at full power, for about 5 minutes until the left set went off – to a cheer from the crowd, and followed by the right hand set 30 seconds later.
I’ve also uploaded some of the firework photos to the Huey concert page (starting here). I don’t have a full size tripod so unfortunately the shots are a bit blurry. I tried long exposures and fast shutter speeds for different effects and I am still pretty pleased with how they turned out.

I’ve also uploaded some of the photos to flickr. I need to work out if I can get the geotagging and other facilities within Coppermine as that would be really handy.

shots fired at a concert in the uk

Shots fired during UK rap concert is a pretty scary headline to see in my newsreader and immediately made me think of the situation in columbus where a similar thing happened. However if you read this story, thankfully no-one was hurt as the shots were just fired into the ceiling.
However I then carried on reading and saw that it took place at the Academy in Brixton, London – a club that I went to whilst at university to see Petra perform. I remember people saying that it was a rough place but the comments were in a joking tone.

Delirious? concert.

Went to see Delirious last night at Liverpool Cathedral. Apparently they are the first rock band to play (well actually the second since Superhero were their opening act) there since 1962. It was a bit of a weird concert as the whole thing was rather narrow but very deep. It was packed with about 3500 people and I couldn’t be bothered to stand in the crush with a jumper AND a coat so I stood at the back, leant on the barrier and enjoyed the show from a distance. It was an ok concert, probably one of the best of theirs that I’ve been to, but I don’t think I’ll bother going to a delirious gig again as I didn’t enjoy it that much. However everyone else who went did so it must have been me. Had a good laugh bluejacking the mobile phones on the way out though – there were loads of people with bluetooth switched on in their mobiles 🙂

Relient K concert

the concert was pretty good last night. Had to queue up for 30 minutes to get inside the doors as the place was huge – the queue stretched for about two blocks and it was freezing cold outside. I wasn’t wearing a coat as I knew it would be hot inside. Once in there was a band playing already and I got to see/hear their last two songs before there was a break for the middle band. I didn’t think much of them, although the girl on my left did as she kept shrieking everytime they finished a song and everytime anyone referred to them from the stage. Relient K were pretty good when they eventually came on. I was nowhere near the stage (so no pictures) and I was glad I wasn’t in the mosh pit as there were so many crowd surfers – probably 5 or 6 at any one time. (although I did briefly consider it as a neat way to get to the front of the stage and then snap some pictures before the minders got me – but as pictures were officially banned I thought twice about doing it) I was also pretty impressed at how much audience participation there was, there were loads of people singing along to the songs, pretty loudly too which I thought was pretty good as I couldn’t understand half the words they were singing in the first place (must be getting old). It was a good night overall, not the best concert I’ve been to but pretty good.
UpdateJust realised I was spelling Relient wrong, and there was another blogger at the concert too!

Blues Brothers

We had a very enjoyable night out at the the Blues Brothers tribute at the Regent Theatre in Hanley last night. There was a fair amount of swearing/rude gestures which I was suprised about – it would probably have been a 15 if it was a film, but there were lots of kids in the audience, most of them dressed up in the Blues Brothers gear as were quite a few of the adults. It was a bit weird at the end of the show standing in the loo being surrounded by lots of Jakes and Elwood’s. We had box seats which gave us a good view – I wish we were allowed to take cameras in, although we ended up with an aching back as you had to lean forward to avoid having the edge of the box blocking some of the view. I have never seen a live Blues Brother show before, I’ve only just recently seen the video, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t done as a story really, more like a BB karaoke but with extremely talented musicians and singers.