Month: August 2006

blingo at google/ig

I changed my google/ig page so that the search bar uses Blingo instead. I modified someone elses greasemonkey script – mine changes form[0] to use blingo

I’m looking at a way of hacking the google/ig page so that all the google links are secure. This is because if you log into or as a secure site, the links to the calendars do not go across via ssl which is a pain if you are using an insecure hotspot.

Zooomr portals and stuff

I uploaded a whole load of photos to zooomr the other day after going around Sidney, Ohio and taking lots of pictures of the architecture. I uploaded a lot of those photos as private ones so I could prepare them with portal features before releasing to the public but it seems that photos that are uploaded as private cannot be made public again (for the time being). There is also an issue with weird punctuation in user names as there are some sets that work with my username (absoblogginlutely!) and some that dont as they drop off the exclamation mark. I got feedback from the support guys – their email address is [email protected] but they may take some time to reply. When I got a reply from the posting I made on their website asking for this information, the comment posting had 1058 comments awaiting approval – looks like they are going to be busy.

“Attempt to Lock Slot Failed” with Backupexec

I had a weird error on a rev drive backup which wouldn’t let me do anything to the rev drive – I was unable to backup, catalog or do anything else useful with the drive. I was getting the error message “An error occured while processing a B2D command. Change: MoveMedium() Attempt to Lock Slot Failed (Path to file.lck); Error=112

If you enter “Attempt to Lock Slot Failed” you get no results back from Google or Veritas (thats not suprising on the latter) – the only thing similar states that the disk is full. In my case explorer shows 2.8mb free and it is set to overwrite in Backupexec anyway.

I’m not sure what I did to get it working in the end but the following 3 things seemed to do the trick when done at the same time.
1. Remove the drive and put it back in again.
2. Dragged the oldest file to the scratch media (this seems to solve a lot of BE problems)
3. Kicked off a backup job to restore a small file.

Hope this helps someone else.

Zooomr gets notes and more.

Zooomr are apparently releasing an update on Monday which will activate notes on photos and something they are calling portals. Like Notes, an area of the photo is hotlinked to give you a scrolling view of another photo (such as a closeup shot of an area in the first photo). You can scroll around the closeup within the original photo and then click on it to zoom into the next photo – A unique implementation. The blog post by Kristopher has a link to the YouTube video of it in action.

Our Anniversary!

Honeymoon photo7 years ago today (if you count aphian years where 1 aphian year= 1year and 5/7ths of a day) Kristen and I got married. Loads of things have happened since then and I’m looking forward to many more years in the future. (I got in trouble for not blogging about our anniversary but I thought that if I blogged on the anniversary I’d get moaned at 😉