Backup Exec “low disk space” warning.

I had an annoying case this morning where Backup Exec was refusing to write to a removable hard drive after it had got to the point where the disk was full. Even deleting old data on the drive, restarting services would not get the software to continue writing to the drive which now had 250gb of empty space.

In the end, right clicking on the device and selecting pause, then right clicking and unpausing the device fixed the problem. Simple when you know how but frustrating when nothing else seemed to work!

BackupExec 12 fails to LiveUpdate on Windows 2008

When trying to run LiveUpdate from within BackupExec v12 running on Windows 2008 you may get the error message “To receive updates, Backup Exec must be registered with LiveUpdate. To automatically register now, Click Yes. If you choose not to register now, you will be prompted again when you click LiveUpdate.” The solution is to right click the BackupExec icon and run as Administrator. LiveUpdate will work.

0xe00084af failure in symantec backup exec caused by wsus 3 installation

Fixed! One of my servers has been failing to backup with the error “0xe00084af The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed. Final error category: Job Errors. For additional information refer to link V-79-57344-33967” I spent ages troubleshooting the errors and trying to work out what was going on and found that it would fail to backup any file on the local hard disk of the machine.
I posted a note in the symantec forums and didn’t hear anything back, but did find a post that upgrading to 10d might fix it (not a current solution as this would mean purchasing an upgrade of the software for the exchange agent and the exchange agent is currently working)
The other solution was to stop SQL servers on the box. This server was the WSUS box and I had also recently upgraded it to version 3 of WSUS. This created (at least) two new services – SQL Server VSS Writer and Windows Internal Database (Microsoft ##SSEE). Through trial and error I discovered that stopping the SQL Server VSS Writer service meant the backup would work, which is weird as why this should affect me backing up something like c:\jobs\fred.bat which has nothing to do with SQLI don’t know.
I’m hoping that my forum posting about the problem will get a better solution but for now I’m just pleased to be able to backup my file server.

“Attempt to Lock Slot Failed” with Backupexec

I had a weird error on a rev drive backup which wouldn’t let me do anything to the rev drive – I was unable to backup, catalog or do anything else useful with the drive. I was getting the error message “An error occured while processing a B2D command. Change: MoveMedium() Attempt to Lock Slot Failed (Path to file.lck); Error=112

If you enter “Attempt to Lock Slot Failed” you get no results back from Google or Veritas (thats not suprising on the latter) – the only thing similar states that the disk is full. In my case explorer shows 2.8mb free and it is set to overwrite in Backupexec anyway.

I’m not sure what I did to get it working in the end but the following 3 things seemed to do the trick when done at the same time.
1. Remove the drive and put it back in again.
2. Dragged the oldest file to the scratch media (this seems to solve a lot of BE problems)
3. Kicked off a backup job to restore a small file.

Hope this helps someone else.