Month: August 2006

Dublin Irish Festival

We got tickets to go to the Dublin Irish Festival so went over this afternoon. Personally I didn’t think there was much there apart from a lot of Irish shops but I wasn’t interested in buying some Irish tat ;-), a lot of overpriced food and drink stands but the Funnel cake was delicious and the first time I’d had one. It was very hot so the soft iced lemon stand was doing very well and was nice and refreshing.
After wandering around the festival we headed back to the traditional stage and watched Gaelic Storm perform a set. They were very good with a lot of audience participation. I’ve uploaded my photos of Dublin Irish Festival to my zooomr profile (as it has more space than Flickr) and also set up a smartset in case other people also upload photo’s.
I also managed to take some video of one of their drum solo’s which I uploaded to YouTube.
Edit Updated the YouTube link as I uploaded the wrong video to start with!

Phone ringtones

Kristen and I were having tea at the Old Bag of Nails pub in Upper Arlington (the fish was obviously cooked by someone who had never had real english fish and chips – you are not supposed to be able to pick the whole fish up between two fingers and it stay in one piece) and I was telling Kristen about the Trigger Happy TV that I had been watching on You Tube this morning. There were two skits in particular – one was about a man walking up a street and the other was about a man playing squash whilst on the phone (fast forward to 1:53) and as I was talking about it – someone’s phone rang in the pub – playing the very same ringtone -which is infamous if you’ve ever lived in the UK. I was so tempted to shout “HELLO? YEAH – I’M IN THE PUB – EATING FISH AND CHIPS”
The other trigger happy clip I liked was the Stop and Stop board – the funniest thing is how the car moves forward twice!

Friends in Tech and Firefox

I’ve been invited to join the Friends In Tech team as a blogger which was a nice offer and an honour to take up. I’ll still be posting over here but will have some content on their site too now.
My first post was about the firefox upgrade to 1.5.06 and an easy way to get extensions to work afterwards.
Mike McBride was also invited to post and his first post is about having an appreciation folder in your email client.

If you read either of our blogs you will probably be interested in some of the other Friends in Tech blogs and their podcasts.

Fixing tabs in ie6

After installing the live toolbar from Microsoft I was really hoping to have the tabbed browser functionality (the only thing I really needed) but unfortunately it didn’t work. I logged a trouble ticket and received instructions to remove the old version and reinstall it. The instructions are in the extended entry, but I only had to remove a couple of toolbars with the windows installer cleanup utility and the msn entries in the registry. After a reinstall, the tabbed browsing option arrived. It’s not as nice as tabbed browsing in ie7 or firefox but neither of those two browsers work well with the Lotus Notes webpages we have to use for work.