New Greasemonkey Script – Add Google Reader to Google navigation bar

I am a heavy user of Google Reader and find it annoying that it is one of the sites that does not appear on the top of the Google Navigation Bar when you are on other Google sites such as gmail, Google Plus etc. Instead you have to click the More button, then select Reader from the drop down menu.
I managed to hack together the Greasemonkey script AddGoogleReader that adds the link to Reader next to the Gmail link. What I’ve not managed to do is get the Reader to appear in line with the other buttons – I’ll play around with that later, but in the meantime, if you use chrome or have Greasemonkey installed, then let me know what you think. Follow up posts can be found in the addgooglereader tag to Flickr greasemonkey script updated.

I updated my greasemonkey script to work with the new cache names. This script automatically links to the flickr photos tagged with the geocache name ie GC1NMKA
When I first wrote the script back in 2005 I knew very little about greasemonkey scripts and unfortunately not a lot has changed. However I realized that the script broke as it was looking for the characters GC followed by 4 uppercase alphanumeric characters. New caches now have 5 characters so I needed to fix this.

A quick change to the script now looks for GC followed by any number of uppercase alphanumeric characters and can be found by going to geocache2flickr with a greasemonkey enabled browser and installing the script. This will be the official location but will also be available on the website.
Screenshot of website showing link to flickr page

“Mark all as read” missing in Google Reader.

My Mark all as read button was missing on the laptop in google reader this morning, and some other things didn’t look quite right (the google reader logo at the top left was missing for example). I tried messing around with greasemonkey and disabling the better greader extension and narrowed it down to something within greader. I then checked the skins option and noticed that it was setup to use the optimized theme. I switched the skin to none, pressed F5 to refresh and all my buttons reappeared and the other sections of the screen didn’t disappear either. Now I can mark my folders as read again and get my count back down to a reasonable number.

blingo at google/ig

I changed my google/ig page so that the search bar uses Blingo instead. I modified someone elses greasemonkey script – mine changes form[0] to use blingo

I’m looking at a way of hacking the google/ig page so that all the google links are secure. This is because if you log into or as a secure site, the links to the calendars do not go across via ssl which is a pain if you are using an insecure hotspot.

greasemonkey error fixed.

If you get the error message Component returned failure code: 0x80520012 when trying to install a greasemonkey script then you need to create a gm_scripts directory in your profile directory and then create an empty file called config.xml in this directory. I got the information from where someone had the same problem. I must admit that the solution is not very obvious from the error code.
As to the reason it happened? I think it’s because the restore of my firefox profile didn’t include that directory for some reason. It turns out that this is because I restored my profile using mozbackup which doesn’t backup this directory. I’ve requested this feature/bug in the next version.

Get noscript installed in firefox!

There’s a new zero day exploit for firefox and internet explorer which involves javascript. So if you are running firefox, then installing NoScript will give you added protection. If you are running IE – then ooooooops 🙂

Having said that, it doesn’t look that malicious – you would have to be tricked into entering data into one page, which can then be sent to the malicious site at the same time, so you are probably only at risk if you do random surfing or surf in dodgy web site areas in the first place – and if you are doing that then I really hope you are not running internet explorer (or as an admin!)