CML Library lookup bookmarklet again.

Several years ago I had a bookmarklet that would let me jump from an Amazon book page to the catalog page on the Columbus Metropolitan Library website. It was then a simple matter of clicking the reserve button to add the book to my reserve list.  A while back the library changed their system and I never got round to updating the bookmark,but drag this CML Link to your favourites bar and you too can have the same functionality.  If you are not using CML’s system the link is pretty easy to change so you may be able to work it out yourself. Alternatively try using Jon Udell’s Library Bookmark Generator page that got me started in rebuilding this link.

Wireless at the library

The Gahanna branch will have free wifi from Monday which will be followed by the other locations throughout the rest of the year – that will be a nice feature to have when studying at the library (which I do about once a year!) It will be interesting to see how fast it is as the lan connection really crawls sometimes but I think that is due to all the kids playing some rpg game on the computers.