Rev drive causing bad_pool_header

Yet another reason I hate Rev drives – had a client whose pc would blue screen when the backup would start to a rev drive. The error was bad_pool_header and fortunately I got an error in imdrvfsf.sys By downloading the software drivers from Iomega and rebooting the backups are now able to write to the disk. A quick search on google for bad_pool_header iomega shows this is a very common problem with iomega’s solution being to pay $20 for an upgrade to the software (or to just ignore the problem). Hopefully this post will help someone out but please note that this page is not the iomega support forum

“Attempt to Lock Slot Failed” with Backupexec

I had a weird error on a rev drive backup which wouldn’t let me do anything to the rev drive – I was unable to backup, catalog or do anything else useful with the drive. I was getting the error message “An error occured while processing a B2D command. Change: MoveMedium() Attempt to Lock Slot Failed (Path to file.lck); Error=112

If you enter “Attempt to Lock Slot Failed” you get no results back from Google or Veritas (thats not suprising on the latter) – the only thing similar states that the disk is full. In my case explorer shows 2.8mb free and it is set to overwrite in Backupexec anyway.

I’m not sure what I did to get it working in the end but the following 3 things seemed to do the trick when done at the same time.
1. Remove the drive and put it back in again.
2. Dragged the oldest file to the scratch media (this seems to solve a lot of BE problems)
3. Kicked off a backup job to restore a small file.

Hope this helps someone else.