Fiends In Tech 2007 special

Coming out of the Shadows this October 24th (tomorrow)…Fiends in Tech present our 3rd Annual Halloween Special:

“It’s the Great Server Chuck and Kreg”

Convinced that the Great Server will be making its yearly appearance, Kreg refuses to go Trick-or-Treating with the rest of the FiT gang and instead pulls an all-nighter in the server room.

Don’t Miss it!

…and while you are waiting, be sure to revisit our earlier Specials

The Server Room of Horrors
The Server Room of Horrors 2006

This is the second year that I’ve played a part in these specials – they’ve been really fun to do. I’ve not actually listened to the whole thing yet either as I’m waiting for the official release to come out tomorrow although I know it will be a good show. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the main Friends in Tech blog for the release.

Keeping up to date with Microsoft

I did a short (2 min) audio clip for In The Trenches on keeping up to date with Microsoft downloads. It was fun to do – took me a couple of times to get right and I actually wrote most of the script out first to make it easier. A couple of edits to remove some annoying deep breaths and I sent it to George and Kevin to post. Let me know what you think – podcasting is harder than it sounds.