Month: June 2006

How does green border work?

I downloaded greenborder this evening as it sounds like a good tool – the catchy name is because each browser/directory that is protected by the software has a green border around the window – a nice simple, catchy name. It is worth architecture page gives a little more information on what it does, although I’m not really sure how you can virtualise a web browser. Anyway, the software is incompatible with encryption, Windows One Care, needs a slight hack to work with firefox and needs some funky registry permission changes in some circumstances.
Sorry guys if I sound like I’m bashing the product without trying it, but some of the marketing details need to be ironed out before I’m going to try it out.

June’s MS patches

We’ve had two occurances of Terminal Services and Sql server not responding after the servers had been rebooted after the patches had been applied.
Terminal Services had the service running and using mstsc to the server would result in a message saying the server was not accepting connections. Telnetting to port 3389 would come back with a connection but nothing in the telnet prompt. A reboot of the server cured this problem.

As far as SQL server was concerned, the SQL service had not restarted after the reboot – not sure why as I didn’t have time to troubleshoot – I just needed to get the service running, which happened as soon as I launched Enterprise manager and attempted to connect to the server.

Anyone else had similar experiences?

Sysinternals licences

Sysinternals have finally got back to me with details on their consulting licence for their tools – a while back Sysinternals changed their licencing terms for their software which meant that use by a consultant would require payment for a commercial licence. I heard back from them today that $200 per technician per year gives you the right to use the software on any computer – but you do need to remove it when you have finished with it. I don’t think that price is unreasonable considering the power of the software, but it remains to be seen whether work will pay for it – or whether we’ll have to use alternatives….

River walk.

I went out this morning and walked along the new trail in Dublin alongside (or above) the river. It was nice and peaceful, with one guy even bringing a deckchair and he was sitting there reading the newspaper. I’m not quite sure why he needed a deckchair as there were plenty of benches to sit on instead. There were several people around, but most of them were older couples taking their morning stroll. I took several photo’s – playing around with the exposure settings of the camera and have uploaded some of them to flickr – I wish I could have got a clearer photo of the spider though but I didn’t have my full size tripod with me and it was too difficult to take a photo on the macro setting, zoomed in without it appearing out of focus. It’s a really nice place to go for a stroll or a picnic (with lots of picnic tables along the route). You can either park

Ipig version 2

Iopus now have their Iopus Private Internet Gateway v2 software out now. This worked ok for me in version 1 but the performance overhead was sometimes too great – however it did mean that any traffic that I sent out from my wireless card was routed back to their (or my) ipig server and then out onto the internet so no passing email or web page passwords out on the net. I already have OpenVPN working through the linksys firewall, but that just VPN’s me into the home lan – it doesn’t set the vpn tunnel as a default gateway, so all other traffic goes out on the wireless – not something I really want to happen at the moment so I’ll be downloading the ipig client and server to give a try.

Blogroll is back

The Blogroll is back. Not sure why it got confused but after removing it, copying the code into a test.php which worked fine and then copying the code back into the MT template, it’s all worked fine again.
It’s great as there are a couple of blogspot blogs that don’t seem to have an RSS feed, but I can get notification that they have been updated via this mechanism – it also enables Kristen to read the blogs without an rss reader too.