Peer is not authorized to use remote address and Cyberguard firewalls

One of my customers has a cyberguard firewall that was working perfectly when I configured it in the office. However on shipping it to the customer, it was placed behind a horrible Verizon modem that broke most of the configuration parameters I had put in place. Most of them were fixable straight away, but I’ve never been able to get it to vpn back to the head office. I was getting the error message “Peer is not authorized to use remote address” in the log files.
Various responses in google mentioned I had to add noauth to the /etc/ppp file but this file doesn’t exist on the cyberguard unit. However, using the Advanced section and editing the “pptp.connect to office” file, adding “noauth” (without quotes) to the end of the file, the vpn connection worked.
This isn’t documented anywhere in google that I’ve seen so hopefully this will help someone else.

Ipig version 2

Iopus now have their Iopus Private Internet Gateway v2 software out now. This worked ok for me in version 1 but the performance overhead was sometimes too great – however it did mean that any traffic that I sent out from my wireless card was routed back to their (or my) ipig server and then out onto the internet so no passing email or web page passwords out on the net. I already have OpenVPN working through the linksys firewall, but that just VPN’s me into the home lan – it doesn’t set the vpn tunnel as a default gateway, so all other traffic goes out on the wireless – not something I really want to happen at the moment so I’ll be downloading the ipig client and server to give a try.

anyone got Hamachi vpn working behind a nat router?

I’ve installed Hamachi vpn on both the home pc and another with the idea that I’d have remote access whilst away from home. Unfortunately I can’t connect through to the home pc. Apparently I need to activate the “magic number” (aka port forwarding via udp) but this doesn’t seem to work. Unfortunately this “zero config” is not quite as it seems. However if it does work then it would be really handy.