Web Browsers

How does green border work?

I downloaded greenborder this evening as it sounds like a good tool – the catchy name is because each browser/directory that is protected by the software has a green border around the window – a nice simple, catchy name. It is worth architecture page gives a little more information on what it does, although I’m not really sure how you can virtualise a web browser. Anyway, the software is incompatible with encryption, Windows One Care, needs a slight hack to work with firefox and needs some funky registry permission changes in some circumstances.
Sorry guys if I sound like I’m bashing the product without trying it, but some of the marketing details need to be ironed out before I’m going to try it out.

Free Opera

Now this is the only kind of opera that I like – Opera 8.02 is available with a free registration for today only where you need to provide an email address. As you might expect this web site is incredibly slow at responding.
Actually, to save the initial loading of the screen, go to http://my.opera.com/community/party/reg.dml?email=your.email%40domain.com replacing your email address and the @ with the %40
Thanks Download squad

Weblink broken

I sent an email to one site after mentioning that a link which was coded as &lta href=”http:\\www.sitename.co.uk”&gt didn’t work. After the initial response of “it works on my pc” I was told that 98% of browser users are Internet Explorer, which accepts the slashes in the wrong direction. Fortunately they changed the link. What they don’t understand is that the original code is plain and simply wrong, a basic bit of code that is almost the first thing you learn when coding html – but then again if you code a web page using frontpage……..


BugMeNot has a great bookmarklet that will popup a list of user supplied usernames and passwords for sites such as the NewYorkTimes and the Washington Post so you don’t have to go through their (pointless) registration process. I wouldn’t try this on sites where you give your credit card details out though!