RSS Feeds

Learning MT and RSS

I’m trying to work out how to include a RSS feed into an index page of one of my blogs and came across Learning Movable Type: Simple RSS Customizations. Although it has not yet provided me with an answer, it has provided me with some more reading to do on other rss matters.
rssparsers might be handy for doing work outside of MT but the best source I found so far was mt-rssfeed plugin but I have not got that working yet. But it’s late and I need to go to bed so I will try again another night.


KC Lemson post about eventlogs to rss sounded interesting as it would be nice to sit and my desk and watch the eventlogs roll in as emails – I’d stand a better chance of catching errors before the problem got too bad (Our exchange server ran out of memory on Friday and monitoring the event log would have stopped the weird errors we were getting as users). Anyway, she links to Greg Reinacker’s Weblog – Event Log Monitoring with RSS which looks great except you need installed and the ability to compile the program. Shame as I don’t have either of those two on our servers 🙁

feedster spam flood

Unfortunately i’ve subscribed to some of the posts on the Feedster blog which has the option to email you every time someone comments on a post. A feature that would be REALLY useful when you want to track what someone responds to your comment with. Unfortunately the feedster blog doesn’t have any flood or script protection as some idiot who shall remain nameless keeps sending a dumb comment to the blog and therefore sending me a notification. So far i’ve probably had 40+ emails. Grrrrrr. Email has been sent to the owner to try and get something sorted quick.


I discovered pubsub yesterday which sends an rss feed of search results to you, a bit like feedster does. Unfortunately feedster still insists on including my website when I search for absoblogginlutely but pubsub gave me 29 new results this morning, not one of them containing the word absoblogginlutely and most of them waffling on about new specs for RSS formats! Pubsub has gone from my aggregator.

blogspot to rss

Thanks to Neil’s suggestion and finally getting round to implementing it, I’ve got my blogspot to rss converter working. Taking the source code from a mirror of voidstar’s rssify and changing rss:item to blogPost and changing the span to div, I can now read blogspot web pages in my rss reader….and this will be easily adaptable to other web pages too. Now all Ihave to do is find those blogspot pages I’ve been meaning to keep an eye out on.