feedster spam flood

Unfortunately i’ve subscribed to some of the posts on the Feedster blog which has the option to email you every time someone comments on a post. A feature that would be REALLY useful when you want to track what someone responds to your comment with. Unfortunately the feedster blog doesn’t have any flood or script protection as some idiot who shall remain nameless keeps sending a dumb comment to the blog and therefore sending me a notification. So far i’ve probably had 40+ emails. Grrrrrr. Email has been sent to the owner to try and get something sorted quick.


  1. Scott Johnson of Feedster


    The blogging tool we use doesn’t have any kind of antispamming feature and I haven’t had the time to hack in successfully an anti-spam feature.

    So I just turned off the email notification feature and let me know if that helps for now (when we get spam blocking working, I’ll turn it back on).

    Sorry about this…


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