Who subscribes to?

People have been raving about the page that shows you who subscribes to your rss feed but it doesn’t work for me, with a
Macro error: Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “https://absoblogginlutely.net/index.rdf” hasn’t been defined.
message appearing. (and I get the same (unfriendly message) for any of my urls that I put in.


  1. Chris

    Did you sign up for an account and give it a valid URL to your .ompl ? could you have stuck an rdf where an ompl should have been?

  2. Mike

    I think the error comes in when there’s no one subscribed to that blog. Since not many people had uploaded their OPML files yet, lots of feeds came back with that error. No that I’ve uploaded mine, you get a result, since I’m subbed to you.

  3. Me

    You now get a proper message if no one has subscribed to the feed (which is what it should have come back with in the first place!). Interestingly, Mike does not come back as a person who reads my feed!

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