I discovered pubsub yesterday which sends an rss feed of search results to you, a bit like feedster does. Unfortunately feedster still insists on including my website when I search for absoblogginlutely but pubsub gave me 29 new results this morning, not one of them containing the word absoblogginlutely and most of them waffling on about new specs for RSS formats! Pubsub has gone from my aggregator.


  1. Bob Wyman

    Please accept our sincere apologies for sending you the wrong data in response to your subscription. There was a bug in our software that impacted a number of subscriptions that were created yesterday morning. We believe it has been fixed. We’ve only been running the service for two days now, thus, this sort of thing is unfortunately to be expected — as much as we may try to avoid it… Please understand that we are, in fact, trying to provide the best service possible, but it may take us a few days to get a number of kinks worked out of the system. Also, please consider giving us another try — either immediately, or in a few days if you would prefer to wait until the initial testing and burn-in is complete.

    bob wyman
    CTO, PubSub Concepts, Inc.

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