Month: November 2003

Columbus wireless shopping

I was reading in the local paper that Easton has had a wireless (T1) connection to the internet enabled at the shopping mall. They have also made the generous decision to not charge for access (but at the same time they do not provide support for the facility either) which sounds great. Already there are reports of people going shopping with the bloke sitting in the car with a laptop whilst the wife/girlfriend goes inside the mall. Unfortunately I’ve not brought my pda with me so i can’t check it out myself.

Ca Antivirus/Firewall

I installed the CA Antivirus firewall on the parents-in-law computer. The firewall is almost identical to zonealarm. I’ve not used zonealarm for several months/years now so I can’t tell if it is the same as the newer versions, but all the popup dialog boxes and the traffic meters in the taskbar are practically identical. The Antivirus is different and also includes spyware and popup blockers so it will be interesting to see how good they are – i’m sure I’ll have plenty of practise as I’ve already removed lop from the computer twice, amongst many other spyware infections on it. I’ve also installed SpywareGuard which aims to stop the driveby installations (and i’ve also installed firebird for my own surfing) move

My domain is going to be moving over the next 24-48 hours so if you send an email to this domain then it may bounce or be delayed in being picked up. I’ve taken up 1&1’s us hosting deal of 3 years free hosting. The downside is that I loose my asp functionality but the upside is I get proper webmail interfaces (amongst others). I figured that I can use asp on my home server if necessary, but the domain webspace wise was really just being used as a placeholder for data and not really changing so it shouldn’t need asp functionality.