Blogroll takeover – will anyone notice?

I’m sure you’ve all heard that blogrolling has been brought out by Tucows, the repository of freeware and shareware. I must admit that I don’t tend to use Tucows as I tend to go to the authors directly, but when they are swamped with downloads then Tucows is a handy place to head to. Anyway, with nearly everyone’s blogging software providing rdf feeds, including the free blogger, is there really any need for a service like blogrolling? Ok, it provides a list on your page of which sites you read – but an opml list can do that, and it also gives a nice star or other symbol by sites that have recently updated (according to but getting the news from the site direct will also give you that knowledge *including* the content…..So what else does blogrolling give us? I must admit that although I have the list on my page its not updated very often and I don’t use it now to keep up to date with sites that have changed, which I used to before I had a decent RSS reader. I know Iconoblog uses blogrolling, but I’m glad he’s not asked me to explain RSS usage yet 🙂


  1. pencils

    Been meaning to ask you… what is RSS and how do you use it?

    By the way, isn’t it about time you added a certain blogsite to your links… ?

  2. Gordon

    Isn’t Blogrolling more fundamental than that? It’s not just for me to use, I provide my blogroll to point readers of my site to other sites they may also enjoy. The fundamental basis of the WWW is links… no? Not entirely admittedly but if it evolves and becomes a huge refectory of unlinked then the WWW will have lost a lot of it’s power. Blogrolling helps maintain that linkage and the ‘updated’ feature adds a little value add to the whole idea.

    So what now for Blogrolling? A premium service? (above the existing one)?

  3. pencils

    Just realised – isn’t a refectory where you go to and eat food…?

    Should that be ‘repository’?

    Hey, what do I know…

  4. Me

    yes it should be a repository and I agree with what Gordon said – just thought it would be interesting to get the readers thoughts :-). pencils – you already are on – i think.

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