0xe00084af failure in symantec backup exec caused by wsus 3 installation

Fixed! One of my servers has been failing to backup with the error “0xe00084af The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed. Final error category: Job Errors. For additional information refer to link V-79-57344-33967” I spent ages troubleshooting the errors and trying to work out what was going on and found that it would fail to backup any file on the local hard disk of the machine.
I posted a note in the symantec forums and didn’t hear anything back, but did find a post that upgrading to 10d might fix it (not a current solution as this would mean purchasing an upgrade of the software for the exchange agent and the exchange agent is currently working)
The other solution was to stop SQL servers on the box. This server was the WSUS box and I had also recently upgraded it to version 3 of WSUS. This created (at least) two new services – SQL Server VSS Writer and Windows Internal Database (Microsoft ##SSEE). Through trial and error I discovered that stopping the SQL Server VSS Writer service meant the backup would work, which is weird as why this should affect me backing up something like c:\jobs\fred.bat which has nothing to do with SQLI don’t know.
I’m hoping that my forum posting about the problem will get a better solution but for now I’m just pleased to be able to backup my file server.


  1. Richard

    I’ve been reading the thread on the symantec board about the problem after the WSUS 3.0 upgrade, we’ve got BackupExec 10 but the licence says the support ran out in 2006. Does that mean I can’t get the free upgrade to 10d?

  2. me

    You will be able to get the free upgrade with no problem – you won’t be able to upgrade to version 11 though.

  3. Chaz Hall

    Glad I found this site. I have the same problem. Installed WSUS 3.0 on a server, then found that I couldn’t connect to it from the Backup Exec server…

    Hope there is a satisfactory fix soon. BE11D build 7170?

  4. Chaz Hall

    The problem no longer seems to exist when using Backup Exec 11D build 7170 with the latest patches.

  5. Gene

    Ever since I installed 11D I have never gotten a clean backup. Esp with Exchange 2003, Backup Exec keeps telling me that when it gets to the public folders in Exchange the agents quits responding. The agent on Exchange is sitting idle and is waiting for a request. I have called Veritas on this issue several times to no evail. I am so ready to dump Backup exec I can’t stand thier support or new 11D. Anyone have any suggestions?

  6. Bob :-)

    We’ve been struggling with this problem for several months. Shut off the VSS service and voila, it works again.

    Thanks, Andy.

  7. Andy

    This solution worked a treat – WSUS 3.0 is definitely the culprit and disabling the VSS service cures the problem. Still runnning Veritas 10.0 5484 SP5.

  8. Tom B


    You are a god. Thank you very much for researching and figuring out this issue. It has been driving me nuts for the last several days. I did as you posted and yes in diddy it worked perfectly.
    thanks again for your help.

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