Backup Exec “low disk space” warning.

I had an annoying case this morning where Backup Exec was refusing to write to a removable hard drive after it had got to the point where the disk was full. Even deleting old data on the drive, restarting services would not get the software to continue writing to the drive which now had 250gb of empty space.

In the end, right clicking on the device and selecting pause, then right clicking and unpausing the device fixed the problem. Simple when you know how but frustrating when nothing else seemed to work!


  1. Andy

    Glad you like it – I had another instance where this solved the problem this week too. This time the server kept saying the disk was offline (but it wasn’t)

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  3. Steve

    Holy f-ck..I was pulling my hair out. Symantec: what a piece of effing crap software offering. Idiots over there should be shot.

    UN-FING-BELIEVABLE how much bullsh-t I went through for something so idiotic.

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