Month: October 2003

Getaway Cabins.

We’ve booked two nights at Ohio’s Getaway Cabins, Log Cabin Rentals in Hocking Hills which looks really neat. I also did a google search to see if anyone had stayed at these cabins and what their impressions were. Micah and Susan had stayed at one of the cabins and looking through their photos it looks like there is loads to do and theres always the hottub if required! Their photos are really good too so I’m looking forward to getting some good pictures when we go.


I’ve seen Aida mentioned before but never got round to actually using it. I’ve fired it up this afternoon and it produces an excellent report of your computer setup. If you’ve used Sandra’s Sisoft utilities then you’ll be familiar with this. The major advantage is Aida is free.

DynamicDns Client?

Can anyone recommend a decent and free dynamic dns client? The downloadable version that I used to use now has a bug in it that means it doesn’t work. Thats not too much of an issue as my router now has built in ddns client functionality, but it prevents me writing correct documentation for my first HelpMeHelpYou article on Dynamic Dns registration. The first in a series of guides that will assist people in setting up their pc’s so I can provide remote assistance.