Flash Mobs

London Mob

London had it’s first flash mob last night which almost ended up a disaster when the shop they were going to visit closed before the mob turned up! The BBC news site has mentioned the event on their front page with details here. Unfortunately I’m blogging this from Crewe library and its taking ages to do anything so I’ve no idea what the pictures look like.
Unfortunately the links to the sites that are mentioned in the article, the Geocities LondonMob and writer Warren Ellis’s blog have had bbc’otted (as opposed to slash-dotted) and are unavailable. Warren’s blog has a static page up, but it doesn’t say that due to bandwidth use he’s disabled the pictures. This seems a bit strange as I would have thought that a writer would want to have people read his stuff!
UpdateWarren left a comment to this post saying that the hosting company had pulled his website. It wasn’t obvious this had occured as normally there is a “this site has exceeded its bandwidth allowance” notice like the Londonmobs site did. Instead his site just shows the text Space.powweb.com and the ip address. I hope he can make arrangements with the hosting company to get the site online -maybe the bbc should provide the extra money to allow it to be hosted for the rest of the month due to the traffic they sent (I assume it was their site that sent the traffic.It’s certainly NOT a good way to advertise your hosting company – by saying “Hey – we pull peoples sites when they get a lot of extra bandwidth and dont explain why”)