DynamicDns Client?

Can anyone recommend a decent and free dynamic dns client? The downloadable version that I used to use now has a bug in it that means it doesn’t work. Thats not too much of an issue as my router now has built in ddns client functionality, but it prevents me writing correct documentation for my first HelpMeHelpYou article on Dynamic Dns registration. The first in a series of guides that will assist people in setting up their pc’s so I can provide remote assistance.


  1. me

    this is fixed by appending the full path to an ini file (or deleting the existing one which *should* be in the program directory) as per the help file.

  2. Me

    thats where i started and where I originally got the program. Problem was fixed (see previous comment) by deleting the .ini file so I don’t actually need any other utilities 🙂
    at least making it hard to link means i get less spammers 🙂

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