Domain Names

Windows7 keygen site now owned by Microsoft.

I had an interesting google alert come through the other day that found some of my content posted at a website – (safe to visit.) Ensuring I had noscript switched on, I checked the site out to find that it was just scraping blogs and posting them as content on the website. I sent the host an email to request that they stopped including my site and added a todo to check back in a weeks time.

I was surprised to find a week later (5 days ago) that the site redirects to a bing search for windows7keygen. I checked whois for and found that the domain is now owned by Microsoft – along with another 29,000 domains and it looks like 22,000 of them are hosted on the same server. The domain registrar of Niobe Telekom is also unusual – I suspect that is due to the original owners registration.

I find it rather amusing that Microsoft now have control over the domain but I’m not sure how they managed to get control of it – I’m assuming a windows7 trademark threat? I would have thought that they’d have redirected it to Get Windows7 though.

DynamicDns Client?

Can anyone recommend a decent and free dynamic dns client? The downloadable version that I used to use now has a bug in it that means it doesn’t work. Thats not too much of an issue as my router now has built in ddns client functionality, but it prevents me writing correct documentation for my first HelpMeHelpYou article on Dynamic Dns registration. The first in a series of guides that will assist people in setting up their pc’s so I can provide remote assistance.