PowerQuest saves the day

Yesterday I started on an inhouse, inplace upgrade of a nt4sp6 machine to Windows 2000. Fortunately I took a backup with PowerQuest DriveImage of the machine before I started. Ghost is normally our imager of choice but the version of Ghost we have would not see the SCSI disks yet DI would.

Backup was taken, w2k cd inserted and inplace upgrade started. Interestingly it said that the network cards would need a driver and then continued. After doing its copying to disk the machine reboots and promptly blue screens after doing the initial w2k splash screen, and keeps blue screening…..Panic ensues. I updated the firmware for everything including my underpants and still nothing. Drive Image restored the data great. The interesting thing is that you have to delete the partition before you start the restore, which makes sense, but I think Ghost asks you which partition you want to restore over the top of.
Now if only there was a drive image program that would write from a dos boot floppy/cd to external usb disks – would make my backup life a lot easier.