Month: October 2003


I’ve been hearing loads about the PDC conference that various MS bods have been too yet nowhere, until now, have I seen what PDC stands for. It has nothing to do with Primary Domain Controllers or blogging. It actually stood for “Professional Developers Conference”

Outlook2k with Outlook2k3?

Brought the Outlook2k3 laptop into the office to synch all the changes I’d made whilst out of the office this week. Interesting to see that Outlook 2k3 doesn’t show the email marked as spam (as I deleted it whilst offline). However the outlook2k desktop, which looks at the same exchange mailbox still sees the spam in the inbox. o2k3 shows 2 unread emails in the inbox, o2k shows 4. Now either this is because you can’t have two versions accessing the same mailbox (don’t see why not) or due to the fact that when I synch I get a “Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x80040600) : ‘Unknown Error 0x80040600’. There are loads of articles in google about 0x80040600 most of which talked about corrupted pst files. I cleared out my deleted items, resynched and everything worked and my inbox unread messages match.

Not a good advert

It never really fills you with confidence when a website that is meant to extol the values of how wonderful their ScriptLogic – system administration program – is returns an error message. Especially one that says “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ‘80020009’ [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. /go/caffeine-free.asp, line 2”
A system admin company which talks to a server that doesn’t exist?

CD Burning (not) in XP.

Needed to burn some software onto CD for a server that I’m rebuilding that will not let me install the network card for. I downloaded a 22mb file onto the laptop and then somehow had to get it onto the server. XP would let me go through the motions of burning the file onto cd but then kept telling me to put a blank disk in (it was a brand new (expensive) one I had purchased from Tesco). Booted into Mandrake and ran through the k3 burn wizard in Gnome. This detected the cd drive and all looked hunkydory until I tried to burn the cd when it decided that I didn’t actually have a cd device available. Logged into KDE and same result. However right clicking on the cdrom icon on the desktop gave me the option to burn to cd – lo and behold that worked. So I’ve now got the Raid software on the server….now to get the network card working. Anyone know how to get round a “parameter not correct” problem when installing an AMD PCnet card into an IBM X-Series 230 and upgrading the box from nt4 to w2k?

Office2k3 on laptop

I installed a trial version of Office 2003 that runs out Feb 29th 2004. Will be interesting to see if I’m totally hooked on Outlook2k3 by then. First impressions are that it looks good. However I’ve vpn’ed into the office and connecting to outlook remotely 2 mins after activating the software online. The annoying thing is that I get a systray popup message saying that its trying to get email from my mailserver. I’m sure (i hope) that I can turn this off after all when you hit the “connect” button it does normally mean that you want to get email from the server so why tell you? Like I say this is posted a couple minutes after installation and I’ve not read any documentation, manuals, help files or menus – I’m a techie remember!