Month: August 2003

Hotels running Mobile Jammers?

Techdirt has post about how hotels are purchasing mobile phone jammers to force people to pay the hotel’s vastly inflated phone charges. I’ve certainly experienced going into many hotels and not having any signal on the mobile. I thought this might have been to do with the construction of the hotel such as metal skins…Having said that, I’ve also seen many hotels block or charge large connection charges to 0808 numbers which means that I cant access Onetel’s internet access for 1p a minute from the hotel.

DigiAny directory fix.

Had a reply from the makers of DigiAny to my question about the directory structures which was a lot quicker than I expected as I sent the email to them yesterday so well done Will! I’ve asked them about the registration number problem…..I’ve also discovered that passwords get truncated to 10 characters.

Pirates of the Caribbean

We went to see this film last night which was hilarious. A great film with good special effects which don’t really on really blurred, fast motion, long distance shots so that noone realises that the picture you are seeing at the moment is computer generated. There are a lot of funny lines from Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Yet again I spotted a boob in the film (not that kind!!!! – there are a couple of shots where you can see the heroines bra strap yet they were not invented until way after 1900!)

Antivirus email alerts

You would have thought that people would have turned off the email notification by now.
I’m very tempted to set up an automatic response to [email protected] as below.
> Recipient of the infected attachment: Ronit Mani\Inbox
> Subject of the message: Re: Wicked screensaver
> One or more attachments were deleted
> Attachment application.pif was Deleted for the following reasons:
> Virus [email protected] was found.
I did not send this virus. Can i suggest you turn off these notifications as all they are doing is clogging up all the email servers which are struggling enough already!