I downloaded and installed DigiAny this afternoon which lets you stream your audio files to any pc connected via a web browser. So far I’ve seen two problems, the main one actually blew the software up!

The first problem was that the software insists on looking for software in c:\digiany\cd or c:\digiany\singles even though my music is stored on an entirely different drive. I don’t want to move it into another directory as that would then break all my other software configurations!
The other major problem is that the software is a 15 day trial and then can be registered for $25 which doesn’t sound too bad. However, until you register it there is an option on the front page, before you’ve logged into the software, that enables you to enter the registration number. If you (or anyone else) puts in any old data into the registration form, it disables the entire software until you pay the registration form! Therefore entering rubbish data performs a denial of service on the software….that is very bad software design. The software registration option should only be available once you’ve logged on and then only if you are an administrator.