DigiAny directory fix.

Had a reply from the makers of DigiAny to my question about the directory structures which was a lot quicker than I expected as I sent the email to them yesterday so well done Will! I’ve asked them about the registration number problem…..I’ve also discovered that passwords get truncated to 10 characters.

To move the music directories take a look at the file: “C:\Program Files\DigiAny Gold\tomcat\webapps\digiany\WEB-INF\web.xml”.
Changing the entries will move the music directories, you should take care not to mess these up though or you will have to reinstall the app.
Look for the following three lines and edit them to the directories you want. Note that each directory must end with “\”.)

C:\DigiAny\ C:\DigiAny\CDs\ C:\DigiAny\Singles\

Also make sure if you change these to existing directories the media in the directories must conform to DigiAny’s directory format for CDs (artist\cd title\song title.mp3). The structure is documented on the opening page after you log in, and in the help.
Reboot your machine, or restart the DigiAny service after the changes for them to take effect.

Password field seems to truncate the passwords to ten characters but it doesn’t warn you that it does this, so if you change your password to 11 characters and hit submit and then logout it will be difficult to log back in again!


  1. Andy

    grrr – now its not streaming the audio to my pc’s….. Looks like I won’t be using this software for much longer!

  2. me

    email sent to support asking for info on how to fix this as this software has the potential to be really useful…
    They’ve responded positively on the two bugs I’ve submitted so far, so who knows.

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