I’m going to miss a good concert next week :-(

There’s a great sounding concert in Columbus next week when Audio Adrenaline, Superchik, Sanctus Real and Pillar are playing in one concert at Grove City, Columbus. Unfortunately we’re on a spending freeze at the moment (and we also have a marriage course that starts on the same night) so I’m going to miss it – shame they are not televising or streaming audio as that would be good. Oh well, I guess that means I can go to Petra’s farewell tour which would be the fourth time I’ve seen them (five if you include solo appearance by John Schlitt) with the other ones at London, Manchester and Leigh ( & Liverpool).


  1. Kristen

    I wouldn’t count on going to that petra concert — that’s probably the next under-40s night…

    unless you go them to go to the concert together — in which case I would happily stay home or go out for coffee with any other non-petra fans!


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